So at long last , it’s here. The final countdown – 10 days to PSLE. Parents are swinging between anticipation (that all the stress will come to an end soon) and despair (that there’s so little time for their children to do all the other schools prelim papers 2016 that  have been so painstakingly accumulated).

Many are strategising how their children can finish all those papers  – after all, practice makes perfect, right? Others question at this juncture whether there’s any point in continuing to plough through these piles of  papers and  wonder whether they should just let their children take their foot off the accelerator and breathe. The latter sounds like a good idea and might actually yield very positive results. But in exam crazy Singapore not doing anything might seem like too drastic a move.

Well maybe you [and your child] should take the middle path. Instead of mindlessly ploughing through new exam papers, it would probably be more beneficial for them to revisit their past mistakes by looking through their files and questions they have attempted. But don’t make it a passive exercise. Encourage them to attempt these questions again or ask themselves why the answers that they chose before are wrong.

Research has shown that when students are taught to see mistakes as learning opportunities instead of something that they should be ashamed about, there is an overall net benefit for the student and for learning as a whole. There is a vast array of literature out there that speaks of the importance of embracing mistakes in improving student learning.

You can read some of them here:

  1. It’s a Mistake Not to Use Mistakes as Part of the Learning Process,
  2. Getting It Wrong : Surprising Tips on How to Learn

So go ahead and make these last 10 days really count for your children!  We are pretty sure that this strategy will be far more useful than mindlessly attempting to finish ALL those exam papers in that pile on your table.