About The Science Clinic

About Us

The Science Clinic was established with the purpose of helping to nurture in students a keen interest in Science and leading them to discover their innate potential to excel.

Being parents ourselves, we can easily identify with the concerns that parents have in the highly competitive education scene in Singapore. Guided by our philosophy that every child can learn and improve given the right environment and motivation, we strive to make excellence in Science an attainable goal for everyone.

Our Mission

The Science Clinic paves the way for the effective learning of science for every child.

Our Vision

Building Strong Foundations in Science.

Our Values

Resilience, Integrity, Dedication & Excellence.

Our Founder

Our founder has spent the last twenty-three years in the education sector. He began his career teaching at the primary level and spent many joyful years helping his young charges to achieve success both inside and outside the classroom. For the last seven years he has focussed his efforts in establishing a centre specialising in the teaching of Science. Through his dedication, he inspired many students to believe in themselves and to excel in Science and won the trust of many parents about his commitment towards helping their children to succeed.

Looking forward, he is as determined as ever to help students realise their true potential at The Science Clinic.

Be part of Us

At The Science Clinic, we are passionate about helping our students maximise their educational opportunities and fulfill their potential to become future leaders. That is why we take pride in grooming students’ unique strengths and abilities. Join us today and help us nurture the leaders of tomorrow

Our programs

We focus on developing critical reasoning skills and higher-order thinking skills, while building a rock-solid mastery of topics to enable students to excel in tests and exams.

Who are our trainers?

Our passionate trainers don’t just love to teach. They teach with love.