Our Trainers

The Science Clinic takes great care in choosing our trainers. They are chosen based on one of our guiding principles:

Inspiring in students a passion for Science through teachers with a passion to teach.

Our trainers have considerable years of experience in teaching Science. They are therefore very familiar with the MOE Science syllabus and know how to help students to tackle the rigours of the examination.

Our approach towards the teaching and learning of Science is largely constructivist and is based on the following precepts

  1. That children must build upon existing knowledge when learning new material and
  2. That the children must be engaged in student centred hands-on activities

We are also aware of the power of motivation and positive thinking in achieving successful learning outcomes and place equal importance on these.

Our trainers therefore, play the role of instructors as well as facilitators to develop students academically, while embracing the roles of mentor and motivator to ensure that the holistic development of the child is not neglected.