Like most Singaporeans, we have been immersed in reading about Joseph Schooling and his marvellous achievement in the 100m butterfly at the Rio Olympics. Amongst everything that we read (including the many puns on his name), one comment made in 2014 stood out

“You know what is a dolphin like underwater? Well, he [Joseph] is the closest human to a dolphin under water.”
– Eddie Reese, Schooling’s coach at the University of Texas in Austin quoted in TNP, Dec 28 2014

Free image from Pixabay

Of course, we’ve all probably heard the expression  swim like a fish at some time or another, referring to someone who can swim very well but reading Reese’s comment made us wonder exactly why dolphins are particularly fast. Well it seems like it’s a question that baffled scientists for a long while. Luckily for us, they seem to have found the answer. Click here to find out for yourselves. We hope you find it as fascinating as we did.